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This product delivers 20mg of hemp-derived CBD per 1mL serving. Fruit punch flavored with no added sugar. This product contains less than 0.3% THC.

CAEXS distillate sublinguals are manufactured with organic and non-GMO ingredients, CAEXS products are 100% grown and produced in the U.S.A. All CAEXS products come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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CAEXS 600mg Pure CBD Distillate Oil
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Distillation is the act of purifying a substance usually through a refinement process. The end result of a distillation process is known as a distillate. CBD distillate specifically, is a concentrated extract derived from hemp and cannabis plants. Although CBD distillate extract from a cannabis plant is less common. CBD distillate is considered one of the purest extracts available on the market, and is a widely popular choice among CBD consumers. CBD distillate on average contains about 70-80% CBD. The remaining amount being smaller cannabinoids such as CBN and CBA, and plant oils and extracts.

This product contains less than 0.3% THC, the legal limit required by Federal law. This THC amount is so minor, it would not produce a “high” effect on you.

People choose CBD Distillate Oil for a variety of purposes and reasons. One of the main reasons people choose CBD Distillate, is it is the most concentrated CBD product available. Providing the most potency, and purest form of CBD oil.

CBD Distillate Oil does not give you the “high” that THC does. Using CBD can provide you with a psychoactive effect, but not one that is intoxicating. It is important to verify the CBD product you are buying THC content, by looking at its third party lab report, or Certificate of Analysis (COA). We also suggest only buying CBD products using hemp grown in the USA. You can view ours here: Certificate Of Analysis

This is a common question that does not have a common answer. The best answer is it varies depending on the person, and their intended use for choosing CBD products for wellness purposes. We suggest considering the following factors to best help you determine your dosage amount:

What is your desired CBD effect?
What is your age?
What is your body weight and composition?
How often do you use CBD products?
When are you taking the CBD product?

A sublingual should be taken orally under the tongue but may be added to drinks and food. CAEXS offers a 20mg per 1mL and a 50mg per 1 mL formulation in a 30mL bottle with a calibrated dropper.

We’ve also compiled a chart which would be used as a starting point here: CBD Dosage

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